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Girl on the Line

Hey Girl, Hey! ❤️

First things First, Thank you all for checking out my blog! You have no idea how much this means to me! Our goal together...LET'S HAVE FUN!

Second....Let's face it, trapping for the most part is a “man’s world”! I don’t say that is as a bad thing, just until lately women really didn’t get into it much for whatever reason. Yes, we have some amazing women pioneers over the years, but the fact is, just over the last 10 years has the interest really grown! For that, is why this blog is here. Over the last few years, at conventions I have had a ton of women come up to me and say;

“Do you trap? I want to trap but……”

I would think to myself….”but what? You have trapping all around you! YOU are in the heart of the best resource ever…a convention! You have the internet literally at your finger tips with videos on how to trap. You have schools and classes all around you!” but of course I wouldn’t say that! That sounds mean, so I would just let it go. After, hearing that over and over again, I couldn’t let it go! I started asking the question. “But what? What is holding you back. Why aren’t you out there?” I got answers like; “Oh because we have kids and someone needs to stay with them”, or “I just don’t know where to start”, “the tools are kind of hard to work with”, and so on and so on. Then, after talking to their husbands, boyfriends, dads, brothers; I found that some men where having that same problems, they were getting the other end of the stick. “I want her to go, but we have the kids, work, she doesn’t like to dispatch the animal, I don’t know how to make it fun for her and so on.” After all this I thought; “That’s it! I am going to create please where there is content that answer all this stuff! A place where WOMEN can go and they can ask the questions they my not feel comfortable asking a man who has been in the industry for a long time, and read about topics that are effecting them and more…”

First year I ran a line all on my own!

See, I didn’t grow up around trapping. I fished as a kid and hunted ONCE (don’t ask, it’s a story that will make you pee your pants and too much to get into here), but TRAPPING??? I never really even heard of it until meeting my husband, so a lot of the struggles you are facing, I faced them too, and if I haven’t......... I got someone or someones to tackle that topic for you!

Over the course of this blog you will see 2 posts each month:

1. The first Monday of every month will come from me! I will talk about struggle and success I have had over my years of trapping! Sometimes it will get a little personal, so just warring now!

2.The third Monday will come from a guest writer, and so far we have some AMAZING people lined up! They will talk about topic’s I felt I couldn’t do justice the way they can!

I am super excited for this and I hope you are too! Let the fun begin! I am so glad you are here!



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