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We’re a couple of passionate soles, dedicated to supporting women and children in trapping!

Linda White and Trevor Barnes with Trapping Girl booth

 Trevor Barnes (CEO of Trapping Girl and  Owner of Barnes Hide and Fur) has been a hunter and a trapper for more than 40 years. In those 40 years he learned by trial and error and asking a lot of questions learning how-to put-up fur. He would go to buyer after buyer, some were great to work with, while others left him feeling cheated and insulted. Barnes Hide and Fur was born out of necessity for a place to be fair and honest and convenient for hunters and trappers in Southern Michigan.

Trevor converted a small chicken coop (12x16) into a store to start buying fur. At first it was just fur, then slowly adding products for trappers to buy. It has since grown in leaps and bounds to an office building, full-line store (now on-line as well), full scrape room and many storage barns. With this has also led to the hiring of 6 year-round employees and several subcontracted scrapers. Growing through word of mouth Barnes Hide and Fur now travels all over, not only Michigan and the UP, but across the U.S. During the trapping season he travels all  over buying fur and in the warmer months traveling’s to shows and conventions.

Trevor takes pride in helping kids learn how to trap and take care of their fur properly. He believes that each animal taken has a purpose and every part needs to be utilized. Passing this on to the next generation will hopefully insure that the hunting and trapping sport is alive and healthy. Barnes Hide and Fur sponsors many hunts and community events, with $1,000.00’s of dollars and supplies donated each year.

Linda White (President of Trapping Girl, Co-Owner of Sawmill Creek Baits and Lures and Founder of Kids for Catches) has been trapping since the fall of 2014 after meeting her husband Michael who had been trapping since the age of 9. From a young age Linda had enjoyed fishing, camping and other outdoor actives with her father, but trapping never made it on the list.


Trapping for Linda started as a ride along, this was a passion of Michael's and she enjoyed spending time with him. Slowly she found herself not just riding along because of him but because it became a passion of hers as well. She decided to get her license so she could be fully involved. 

In 2016 when Sawmill Creek Baits and Lures was born (you can jump over to their website for more details) and Linda started attended conventions she started attending demo's and speaking to other vendors. After picking Michael brain with all she was learning/ learned, Linda felt it was time to run her own line. So in fall of 2018 she did just that, and thank god she did because that season is what gave her the idea for Trapping Girl




Running her own line changed so much for Linda and opened her eyes to things she never encountered before trapping with Michael. Like the importance of gloves that fit, lighter tools, less weigh and strength of or lack there of in her hands. With each challenge and struggle she would face, she was determined to find a better way! A way that would not only make trapping more enjoyable for her but a way that would turn her weaknesses around. 


One very cold day in December a thought popped into Linda's head (in the middle of checking her line) she called Trevor and said, "How do you feel about trying to find a way to make trapping more enjoyable for women and most likely kids too?" Without hesitation he said "I AM IN!" 


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