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Terms and Conditions

All material on this website is protected by trademarks or copyrights which are owned by or licensed to Trapping Girl, Inc. No material on this website may be republished, reproduced, transmitted, copied, displayed, posted or uploaded in anyway without permission.


Shipping Chart


Orders under $25                              = $8.95

Orders of $25.01 to $50.00               = $9.95

Orders of $50.01 to $75.00               = $12.95

Orders of $75.01 to $100.00             = $14.95

Orders of $100.01 to $150.00           = $17.95

Orders of $150.01 to $200.00           = $18.95

Orders of $200.00 and above           = $19.95

Orders / Back Orders  


We strive to ship all orders within 3 days of  ordering. However, in the event of a back order product. We will send the rest of the products your ordered, and will notify you by e-mail of phone about the back order product. At this time, you will have the option of keeping the product on back order and shipped at our cost or get a refund of the back ordered product. 



How to Return/ Exchange  


We always hope that you are always completely satisfied with any items you purchase from Trapping Girl, Inc. If there is a problem with your purchase please contact us with in 30 day of delivery for all returns and exchanges. Most products maybe returned for a refund or exchange. If product has been used we are unable to issue refunds


Product Legality


We can not know all government or state restrictions on the products we carry. We do not warrant that you can legally purchase, own or use all the products we carry.  It is up to you to know that you can legally purchase, own or use the products you purchase. 



Product Warranties 


We do not warranty the products we sell. All warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer.



Other Linked Website


Trapping Girl, Inc. is a huge supporter of  other companies in the trapping industry. We may link other site to this page but we can not control the content of this websites. Our goal is to give you the best  trapping tools on the market, and that is what we hope to provide with these links.

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