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It’s All Up to YOU!

"I want to trap but…….. (you fill in the blank)

Over the summer I talked to many women about getting into trapping, and sometimes I run into the line; "I want to trap but…" But…...I don’t have time, I don’t like to dispatch, I don’t like skinning, I don’t like the cold, I am not big/strong enough! These happen to be the top 5 reasons I get and….YES, I think they are reasons, but I also think if you REALLY WANT to do something, you just have to find a way! So let’s figure it out together…..

Love having my family helping out on the line and getting everyone involved!

I don’t have time: This is huge for women I feel! In most households (NOT ALL there are some pretty amazing super dads out there) we are the maker of meals, main caretaker for all the little tiny humans and after a long day at work, and taking care of your household responsibilities sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day! Ladies, this is where FRIENDS are awesome! Tag team this! Most of the people we hang around and we call our friends are our friends for a reason. We have simpler interests and hobbies. Grab your girlfriends/ your spouse/ heck even your kids and set a line together! Switch off days on who checks what! Make it a family break between school/work and homework. No one said you have to run a 100 mile line. During the week when things are a little crazy just run a few traps. Friday night add a couple more because you have more time on the weekends and on Sunday pull a few that have not been productiong the weeks before. Girlfriend you got this!

I don’t like dispatching: This one can be hard because it is a part of trapping, and not one of the prettiest parts. For some, I think understanding the true values of conservation and how trapping helps in so many ways, makes it easier! For others, I say change your target animal. Set conibears and so on. It seems to make the process a little easier for some because the animal is already taken care of upon your arrival. You just need to release them from the trap and reset. Also, remember those friends/spouse/ partner….. When first starting out they can come in handy because you can switch back and forth on the parts of trapping that might be a struggle.

I don’t like to skin: Did you know there are fur buyers/ lure makers / or other trapping related businesses all over the place that will take your catches whole! All you have to do is drop them off. I myself am not a fan of skinning. So because I work from home, my husband and I have a trade. During the week I check traps so he isn’t out in the dark doing it after work and he skins for me. It’s a win win for both of us.

I don’t like the cold: HAHAHA, I don’t either...but really, trapping season runs over fall, winter and spring. Noone said you have to trap the whole time. YES, of course your catch numbers go up the longer you have traps out, but when you are just getting started it’s ok to say in your comfort zone! Also layers...layers are a great way to keep warm and still be able to move… just don’t go overboard. You will find that when you are moving a lot you will work up a sweat faster than your realize.

I am not big/strong enough: THIS IS ME!! When I first started I almost didn’t because of this very reason! I AM A WIMP...Like I could cry thumb wrestling. There are so many tools and kits (cough cough… check out our trapping girl kits) out on the market that can really help from setting dps up to 330’s, lightweight tools, bags, buckets, sleds, carts etc… Yes, these traps are made well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t handle them with a little help! It doesn't have to be hard, you just need to find what works for you!

You can find kits just like this, and more on our website

Now I get that there are always situations where this is just not your time to add somethings as hard working as is trapping to your plate! That is cool, I am just simply saying if you want to...there is a way, and there are MANY people out there who are willing to help you find that way. All you have to do is ask! Reach out to me, get into a Facebook trapping group, reach out to your association. They all can give you great ideas on how to make your line possible!

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1 Comment

Melony Kevwitch Stevens
Melony Kevwitch Stevens
Oct 09, 2019

I think the hardest part of trapping is setting foot holds. My boyfriend who got me into trapping sets them for me. I do the rest. I finally taught myself how to set dps which is awesome due to me wanting so many coon. The rabies are so bad now.

I also hunt, and run a farm and house and all the works with it. My dear count has gone way down, one of my top reasons for predator trapping. I'm so glad to know there are other women who enjoy this. Thank you!

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