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In to the Woods with Trapping Girl - Podcast

A podcast to highlight women and children in the great outdoors with a focus on trapping!

This year I have focused on education and connections; which has lead me to meet so many amazing women and kids with not just trapping but the great outdoors as a whole! Throughout our discussions we have talked about how much trapping, hunting, fishing, family values, family connections, respect for nature etc… go hand and hand!

I thought why not share those conversations with you!



Why we are here

Host Linda White takes about how she went from city girl to country girl, and what to expect from this podcast to come.

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Interview with Valerie Nies

An amazing Bobcat trapper from Arizona. This mama of 3 went from Big game hunter, to rancher to bobcat trapper. She is so inspiring to me and others. Hope you enjoy our chat! 


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